2018 reflection

2018 was one heckofa year for me and my family! I loooove to reflect at the end of the year, in fact I love reflecting throughout the year as well. This is one of the reasons I started this blog. I love the idea that in several years I will be able to look back at these posts I have written and recall what was important to me during that time.

I came across the CUTEST printable reflection cards! (Click this link to access them) These cards are an awesome, easy way to look back and remember different moments from the year.  Print the cards on cardstock, cut, and place in a hat or bowl for you and family/friends to choose from and answer. Or, if you would rather reflect on the year alone, you could most definitely use these as a self-reflection tool!

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the easiest potluck dish

Its holiday season! That means its time for food, am I right? Between work potlucks, Thanksgiving, Christmas…you’re bound to be cooking a dish for one of these events. If you’re like me you love simple recipes that take minimal time and effort. And trust me, this recipe is right in line with that!

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