little pumpkin on the way

We found out we were pregnant pretty early on, at a little over 3 weeks to be exact. I texted 3 of my closest friends immediately with a picture of the stick, a stick with an extremely faint line, as I probably had like the least possible amount of HCG in my system that could allow it to even show a positive. I made an appointment for two days later, and got the “official” confirmation.

Then it was “well…how are we going to tell our families?!” Anyone who knows me knows I love giving gifts, I love making gifts, and I love being “extra”, as the kids call it these days. Obviously, for me this announcement had to be a little more exciting than a text or a conversation that we slipped in “oh by the way, you’re going to be grandparents again!”

It was about a week before Halloween so my mind was like well, little pumpkin! People call their kiddos pumpkins, right? Sounded perfect. So I brainstormed ways we could incorporate a pumpkin/Halloween touch into the announcement. I made my way to my second home, Hobby Lobby. Originally I was going to just get a fake pumpkin and think of something creative to write on it but then I decided I wanted to give them something with a little extra touch.

Sooo, I decided on making these boxes!


Our families were undoubtedly excited when we told them. The boxes were fun for us and left a cute little gift that can be brought out each year as a memorable fall decoration 🙂


Some fun facts about Baby Marks!

Due Date: June 26th, will be a nice birthday present for me since my birthday is July 1st.

Gender: Very eager to find out in 11 days!

Names: This part has been a lot harder than anticipated. I have had names I have loved long before I was pregnant and now that I actually get to use one I hate them all, haha. We do have a couple top names, but nothing is 100% definite yet. Maybe when the gender is revealed we’ll be able to decide.

Weight Gain: 2lbs so far, but none of my clothes fit! All of my shirts are already almost belly shirts, so layering is currently my thing. & i’m fully embracing (& enjoying) maternity pants.

Movement: I felt him/her move ONCE, at like 15 weeks. & to be honest, if everyone didn’t explain the fluttering feeling to me I would have never even known that’s what it was.

What we’ve been eating: If you follow me on Instagram and keep up with my stories you can tell I have been drinking a whole lot of smoothies! Smoothies have been a great go-to for me, since i’m hungry basically 24/7 now, I can sip on those all day at work and have some satisfaction. Other than that, I have been trying to keep my diet healthy, with lots of fruits and veggies….besides Mexican food for dinner on Tuesdays and Fridays 😉

How we are decorating the nursery: All we have right now is gray walls, a white dresser and a cream colored chair. The gender will play a role in this obviously. For a boy, a vintage airplane theme and for girl, floral wallpaper and very light, soft pinks! Possible future blog to come 😉


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