refill your tires

Last week my tire pressure light came on in my car, and as usual, I left it on for the whole week (sorry dad). For some reason this is one light that I seem to think I can ignore for longer than the others. Gas light? Fill up immediately. Check engine light? Better have that checked out this weekend. Maybe I think this way because when my gas light is on I know I can only go a little bit further before I literally run out of fuel and am no longer able to run my car. But with tires I’ve gone a heck of a lot longer and have never actually had a tire fully run out of air. 

I feel like these dashboard lights are kind of similar to the way God speaks to me.  He gives me clues, signs, and moments that sometimes scream to me “you need to change something right now!” but other times the signs are minimal, which leave me to push it off, and ignore them. The little signs are easy for me to ignore because I can continue to live my life without any drastic situations happening that force me to make a change.

For example, worry is an emotion that I find myself easily sinking in to. Many times I will go days or weeks struggling with this negativity. I can feel that my tire pressure is low, but I continue to keep trucking on until I find my tires flat and I’m unable to go forward. It is at this point when I will finally stop and reconnect myself with God as He was really pulling on me to do all along.

We are not meant to live half full or empty lives, and God gives us the joy to live abundantly but it requires us to listen to Him, have faith and take action.

Recently, I have been trying to catch myself before my tires are flat, forcing myself to stop ignoring His “little” signs and allowing Him to refill me daily.

Here are three ways how I connect myself with Him in my daily life.

  • Worship

Worship music always does wonders for my heart. I read a quote once that said “it’s impossible to worry and worship at the same time.” This has been SO true in my life. I can’t tell you the amount of times God has used worship music as a tool to eliminate worry, soften my heart, and break me in ways nothing else can.

My favorite time to listen to praise music is on my way to work. Its always just me in the car and allows for the perfect quiet space and time for worship.

  • Talk to Him

He wants to be a part of your everyday life. Have conversations with Him. Prayer is a great way to converse with Him. & sometimes it doesn’t have to be 30 minute prayer, it can be as a simple as just speaking to Him. Is the weather beautiful? Tell him “thank you”. Having a tough time completing a task at work? Tell him about it. Just like we stay connected and talk to our friends and family throughout the day, we should with God. Involve Him in your daily life.

  • Devotionals

Second to worship music, devotionals are another tool I use to connect with God. There are tons of books and apps that you can use for daily devotionals.  I love the study plans that are provided through the “Holy Bible” app.  They offer an assortment of plans, and are all categorized to help you choose one that is best fitting to your current situation.

I usually work through a devotional first thing in the morning. They are one of my favorite tools because they prepare me for my day, providing guidance and reminders of what God’s intentions are for me.


However far away you feel, however flat your tires are, or empty your tank is. You have a God that seeks you.  He wants to connect with you, to be a part of your daily life.  He wants to refill you.



What are some ways that you connect with God? Share with me in the comments below!

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