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Living in a small house can pose some challenges, keeping the small space tidy and organized is one of them. My husband and I are blessed to live in a quiet little beach town, but unfortunately the town pretty much only offers smaller houses.

The last house we rented was 960 sq ft, and the one we recently bought is just over 1100. Small spaces obviously leave you little room for all your stuff, which make things look disorganized quickly. All my husband and I really know are small houses, so it’s safe to say I have had to come up with some systems to keep our small house looking uncluttered.I decided to compile a list of my favorite small space living tips to share!

Have a functional entryway

Most small houses aren’t fortunate enough to have separate mudrooms. We transformed a very small area of our house into a functional and stylish entryway. Having this space allots a designated spot for keys, handbags, hats, etc. and prevents those items from being scattered around the house.

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I was unable to purchase a pre-made bench that would fit our little spot, so we DIYed this bench with plumping pipe and a stained plank of wood. I found the shelving piece at Hobby Lobby, and it happened to fit perfectly in this awkward space! & the key holder is from Bealls Outlet. Added some decorations and we now have a purposeful entryway.

Limit Unnecessary Items

You should prioritize your items.  If you find yourself with multiples of something, ask yourself, “Can I get by without this?” or “When was the last time I used this?” For example, do you really need 4 measuring cups? 6 pots? 5 muffin pans? Unless you are Betty Crocker…you probably don’t.  Small houses typically do not offer a lot of cabinet space so eliminating “extra” items will save you space and help you stay organized.

Maximize closet space

Our master bedroom closet is a whopping 6 ft wide and maybe 2.5 ft deep. Sharing that small of a space with my husband’s clothes wasn’t an easy task because let me tell you, I definitely love clothes!

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We installed a second bar, which allowed us to store his shirts on that rack. We use storage baskets on the top shelf to neatly store pants and shorts, and saves space in our dresser for pajamas and under garments.


Also, I only use one type of hanger, which are the velvet huggable hangers. These hangers are much slimmer than the plastic ones, which allow us to optimize even more space. They also make the closet look more uniformed and pleasing to the eye 🙂

Clean as you go

Putting things away when you are finished with them will easily eliminate clutter around your house.

If you use the toaster, put it back in the cabinet when you’re done. Put your dishes in the dishwasher as you are done using them, rather than letting them pile up in the sink. If you drop crumbs when making a sandwich, sweep them into the trashcan now rather than later. Put your shoes back on your shoe rack as you take them off.  Little tasks like this may seem tedious but if you make it a habit to keep up rather than clean up, you’ll be able to tackle the cycle of disorderliness.

Have a designated paper area

Mail is something that can litter a house pretty easily. We have a designated basket where we can put mail/papers that are unattended to. This allows the paper to get off the kitchen counter or table. It also provides an organized spot for where mail is, which eliminates important mail from being misplaced.

Everything has a home

As you can tell pretty much all of these systems require that the items in your house have a “home”. The home is where it always belongs when it is not being used. Note: It’s impossible to put something away, if there is no “away” for it to go to. You should make sure that you assign designated spots for your things. If you can’t find a home for something, refer back to limiting unnecessary items.

Keeping your small house uncluttered can be hard when you don’t have much room for all your stuff, but it’s not impossible!  And hey, small houses can be fun. It means you get to be closer to loved ones and there’s less area to have to clean, am I right?!

Do you live in a small space? What are some tips that you would add to my list? Share in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “tidy small spaces

  1. The closet idea is great! Even though it’s just me in my house I have filled both of my closets with my clothes. With this idea I can definitely eliminate some things and have more space…. LOVE IT 😊


  2. Great topic! It’s perfect for anyone with any size house. Our home is just over 2000sqft and I feel like it makes it easy to have clutter since there’s “room” for it. My favorite is the “designated paper area”, because we always have our mail sitting on the counter…which drives me nuts! Definitely keeping that one in mind

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