getting along with everyone

Imagine a perfect world where you genuinely like every single person you encounter. How nice would that be? Unfortunately we all know that’s not exactly possible.

There are always going to be people that you don’t necessarily enjoy being around, people who you have literally nothing in common with, people who are “different” than you.

But imagine how simple life could be if we could all at least just get along. I mean after all, we all have to co-exist on this planet, whether we want to or not. I want to share with you some new concepts I have been implementing in my life, and I feel can help us get along with people that are different than us. Ask questions

This doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t have to act as if you are interrogating them. Keep it simple! Asking questions allows you to get to know other people in a very unassuming way, and can also reveal things the two of you have in common.

Kill the arguments

Not everything has to be a battle. Shocking, I know.

You see this ALL the time on social media, someone posts something they believe in and instantly they are attacked in the comments for “being wrong”. Like are we kidding? Its 2018, have we really not realized yet that not everyone thinks the same way as you?

With that said,


Sure, you may totally think someone else is crazy for believing in something that they do.  But, it doesn’t mean you have to believe in that or behave that way, you control your life. You have the right to choose to accept/deny WHATEVER you want.  We need to learn to agree to disagree; arguing with each other only promotes a hostile community.

Avoid areas of conflict

If you know that your coworker is a democrat and you’re a republican why would you start a conversation with them about Trump? If you notice the new mom you’re talking to makes a formula bottle for her baby, what would be the purpose of bringing up the benefits of breast feeding?

We all know of the “touchy” subjects, why do we even bother to talk about them with each other in daily conversations? There are SO MANY other things we can discuss. Just avoid them. I promise you, telling your coworker about you and your husband’s bike ride last weekend is going to be a much more pleasant conversation than gun control.

Be kind

Just be kind.  Unlike the other points, this may not come easily to everyone. Kindness isn’t a strong personality trait of everyone. But, I encourage you to focus on your behavior. When the woman next to you at church is telling you about her husband being out of town, are you engaged in the conversation? Or do you stay texting on your phone and dismiss what she is saying?

When it boils down to it, everyone wants to be respected, and everyone wants to be loved.

God did not call us to be disrespectful, unloving and careless.

He called us to be the exact opposite, to be loving and to be caring. I believe that we can act on this calling by simply getting along with others.


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