specific blessings

Your coworker gets the promotion you have been dying to get.

Yet another girl you know from high school gets married, and you haven’t been on a real date in a year.

Your cousin is out traveling the world, while you are cleaning sharpie off the wall for the third time this week, from your kids recent desire to be an artist.

You know how it is – the jealousy tiptoes in and you find yourself feeling depressed, angry and less than.

That’s the worst part, when we feel envious of others we are ultimately destructing ourselves with judgement and shame. “If only I could be like her” “If only I could have that”.  But for what? What would you actually do if you were like her, if you did have that? Would you really be a greater version of yourself? Or would you just be a version of what your flesh wants you to be, not what God has actually intended you to be.

My pastor recently has been preaching a multiple part sermon on being the Body of Christ. Christ being the head and us, Christians, being all the limbs and parts that make up the body. With that, he talked about how every part of the body is different, each playing separate roles but together making a whole, functioning body.

Everyone you encounter, as well as yourself, are presenting individualized blessings that God has designed for us.  He has given us all different gifts. If we all were the same, the Body of Christ would be pretty useless. I believe it is the same with blessings. I don’t think we all deserve the same blessings.  It’s kind of like God blesses us with different things and in different ways, because we would react and apply those blessings in different ways.

When we let ourselves react on jealousy we can easily turn life into a competition, which is nowhere near what we are called to do.  We all aren’t intended to be the best at the same things.  He has made us individuals so we can make up the variety of parts needed in the Body of Christ.

When we focus on others, we stop paying attention to our personal callings and we often find ourselves thinking that He isn’t providing us with enough. But in reality, He is giving us EXACTLY enough and it is EXACTLY what we need.

Think about that! Are you focusing so much on other people’s blessings that you are losing sight of what you have been given? This week I am choosing to focus on this. Praying He guides me in understanding why I’ve been blessed with what I have and what are His intentions with me.

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One thought on “specific blessings

  1. We all need to be reminded to be thankful for our own blessings. Blessings from God and the people he’s blessed us with.

    Thank you for this!


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