a day in the pump life

I got quite a few people message me about my pumping schedule after I posted this picture on Instagram of a peek into my freezer stash. So, I wanted to go ahead and give you a run down of my typical day of nursing/pumping.

5:30am – wake up
7:00am – nurse
7:30am – leave for work
10:00am – pump
12:30pm – pump
3:00pm – pump
4:30pm – get off of work
5:00pm – nurse or pump
7:30pm – nurse
Throughout the night– nurse whatever times the baby wakes up.

Sometimes my schedule may be skewed due to the baby waking up at 5:30am, or a meeting at work running late. But this has been the most convenient time schedule to follow and I pump frequently enough that my supply hasn’t dropped at all!

I usually only pump for 10 minutes and am able to get 8-10 oz. I’d encourage you to try and get as much as you can from each pump, however long that takes, just in case something comes up and you have to miss the next session.


I use the spectra s2 pump, which I love and highly recommend. I also use these wipes throughout the day so I’m not having to constantly go to the bathroom and wash the parts. Such a time saver!
Pumping can be an annoyance to a lot of moms and sure, it’s not fun to lock myself in my office throughout the day or when I have to awkwardly holler “I’ll be with you in a minute” when people are knocking on the door. But to know I am able to continue give my baby the most pure and nutritious milk is worth every minute!



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