first trimester bumpdate

Second trimester, here we are!

Up first – baby stats! The baby is now about 3.5 inches long and weighs a little over 1 ounce. The size of a lemon, peach, nectarine, or apple. I’m not sure how the internet decides what piece of food measures up to 3.5 inches since all of those can clearly range in size. Whatever, you get the point.

Here’s a little highlight reel of what’s been going down since my last update at week 6.

Weeks 7-8 – I felt soooo exhausted. I remember during my first pregnancy I felt pretty fatigued but this was more intense. Probably because instead of coming home from work and going straight to bed, I now come home and have to fight with a one year old to not throw his food or pour his milk on the dog. Napping when the baby naps had never been a truer statement for me.

By week 9 I surprisingly was already gaining some of my energy back. Example: going to bed at 9 instead of 7:30 😉

Week 10 – I have given up on all pants that don’t have elastic waistbands. Shoot, I even whipped out some of my maternity clothes. Many people told me that the second baby “pops” sooner and they weren’t lying, y’all. By the end of the day I was already looking a solid 16 weeks pregnant.

But in all reality, there’s something so liberating about the moment you realize you don’t have to and well, physically can’t, suck in your gut anymore. I am diving head first, embracing this oversized first-tri bump.

Coffee became absolutely repulsive during week 10. I would still force myself to take a few sips every morning, you know…just to make sure.

OJ, fruit bowls, steak, hotdogs, spicy Cheetos. ALL MY JAM, sometimes all together….J/k but actually….now that I’m thinking about it…

At 10w5d I had a doctors appointment. Typical appointment. Ultrasound first, met with doctor afterwards. It was technically my first OB appointment as the first one was really just a “yup, you’re pregnant” appointment.

The first day of my LMP was 4/28. Which makes the due date 2/2. My first ultrasound was scheduled on 7w5d. The baby measured 6w2d, making the due date 2/12. This recent ultrasound was scheduled on 10w5d, the baby measured 11w2d, which made the due date closer to my LMP due date. However, doc calls the shots and he’s keeping the due date 2/12.

If you’re confused, have no fear because I am too.

I know the professionals say that the first measurement is always the most accurate due date predicator. But after my last pregnancy/labor experience my trust in the professionals has been slightly hindered. My intuition is screaming that I should be going by my LMP due date, and I’m calling that this baby is definitely going to be born before 2/12. January. (I’ll admit it if I’m wrong. In fact, I hope I’m wrong so I can gain some trust back in these folks, lol)

This appointment is also where the doctor starts ordering genetic and chromosome testing. I opted out of any tests other than basic prenatal bloodwork. I understand that knowing about defects or issues can be beneficial to help plan for certain procedures/things. However, for us it’s more a stressor than a benefit. Some of you may already know the story but to make a long story short, when I was pregnant with Maverick I spent 4 weeks in a whirlwind of emotions mixed with obsessive research on a false positive that we were given. Which is basically how I see these tests, a high chance of a false positive with a low chance that it’s going to change anything or make me love my baby less.

Week 13 – I am pretty positive that baby movements have happened more than once this past week. I know it’s super early but I feel pretty confident that I am not imagining it. And it’s not the little butterfly flutters I felt early on last pregnancy, this is more so turning and kicking movement!

This week the lovely sciatica pain has returned. Another thing that I had during my last pregnancy. Unfortunately this time it’s made its appearance much much earlier. It usually flares up when I over-do it working in the yard or during a workout. So I am trying to remember to just take it easy.

My fatigue also returned this week. Thankfully though, I figured out it was the creamer that was repulsive and not the coffee itself!

I have already gained 4lbs, which doesn’t seem like a good start if I want to try and keep the unnecessary weight gain to a minimum but I’ll let that play itself out without stressing.

I have been working out 2-3/week. I was going to the gym at Trinity Fitness. However, the last 3 weeks I switched back to home workouts (with the Tone It Up app, highly recommend!) since it’s easier to modify workouts not in a group setting.

This pregnancy is already flying by. I remember during my first pregnancy I would look at the app for baby size comparisons and think “Dang! Only a lemon? Grow! Grow! Grow!” Now it’s so hard to fathom I already have a lemon in there, it feels like just yesterday it was a poppy seed. But then I look at Maverick, walking around the house, learning new things everyday and I almost lose my breath at how vanishingly fast it all really happens.

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