baking baby boy marks no. 2

My motto is healthy baby..most important..finding out the gender..second most important. There is something about knowing that detail for me. It helps me connect to the baby on a different level. It makes choosing the name easier. It means I get to start decorating the nursery. I just love this moment of time in pregnancy.

Waiting until the anatomy scan felt like FOREVER during our first pregnancy and this time has been even worse! Around 10 weeks I decided that I would go to a private ultrasound company for a gender reveal session. They could do the gender reveal at 15 weeks, which in my head, was a light year closer than 20 weeks (when the anatomy scan is scheduled).

When I made the appointment I also decided that I was going to surprise Cas with the gender. Now if you know me, you know I am terrible with surprises. I am that type that used to wake up in the middle of the night to go see what Santa brought and go back to sleep without telling anyone… So I knew pulling off this surprise wasn’t going to be easy for me. I started pinteresting gender reveal ideas and I saw a video of a scavenger hunt. “SO CUTE!” I thought and quickly decided that was what I was going to do.

I wish I could say I did but I did not come up with the clues myself, I watched quite a few scavenger hunt reveals on YouTube and took clues from each.

I made the appointment 5 weeks out. 5 weeks I had to keep this surprise. 5 weeks I had to dodge Cas when he would say “you should just go get an ultrasound at that place.” (referring to the exact place I made the appointment at) or “I asked my mom if she knows anyone who can do an ultrasound.” (she’s a midwife so that made me nervous that she may have some connections.)

The week before the appointment I started thinking about how I am going to have Cas gone so I can set up the clues. He works from home and doesn’t typically leave once I get home. I thought I could get his friends to take him golfing, but then they’d have to know about it. And again, it was a surprise. And then I remembered that he goes rock climbing once a week. However, he typically goes on Wednesday evenings and my appointment was on Tuesday. I decided I would tell him I had to work late that Wednesday and suggested he goes on Tuesday instead. He easily agreed, phew.

The plan was to have the scavenger hunt lead to a box in the oven, where I would have a black balloon filled with colored confetti inside. Cas would have to pop the balloon to reveal the confetti color. I had my boss order blue and pink confetti on his Amazon account and delivered it to work. I still had black balloons from our last gender reveal and I quickly typed up the clues and printed them at work. All supplies were ordered and we were ready to go.

I swear the days leading up to the appointment and even the day of, there were so many things bouncing in the way of the surprise. Thankfully, it all worked out.

I went to the appointment with my mom, 2 friends and Maverick. The appointment was short and to the point. Baby cooperated, showed it’s private parts and “it’s a boy!”

I rushed home to set up the hunt. I locked the door so I’d have to let him in. But, the second he pulled in the driveway Mav slipped on the floor and was screaming. I was running to get a binky so he wasn’t whaling in the background of the video. The “welcome home!” plan was a legit live action reel of an instagram vs reality post.

Cas walks in and the hunt starts. Only took a few minutes and the balloon was popped!

“Mavericks getting a brother!” Cas was surprised, and I got to have so much fun being the one behind the scenes!

We are so excited to be adding another little boy to our family. I love being a boy mom and couldn’t ask for anything more! I wonder if he will look just like Mav, or will he have his own look? Will he be a cuddler? Will he be strong willed? I can’t wait to meet him and find out.

We are pretty set on a name, well I am. Cas still thinks he’ll come up with something better. But when we fully commit, we won’t keep it a secret!

Thank you everyone for congratulating us during this exciting time. I love y’all!!

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