about me

Hello! My name is Abby.

I launched this blog in early 2018 as a creative outlet for me to share my thoughts and personal experiences not only for its readers but for my future self to reflect back on in the years to come.

I enjoy writing about topics ranging from pregnancy and motherhood to self-care and healthy living. I am fully aware that this blog joins a billion other mommy blogs in the internet world but I hope you find it to have its own unique voice. It is also my hope that you take some tips and tricks with you to apply in your own life!

photography by Lisa Marshall Photography

More about me

I am a 20-something year old living in a small town in Florida with my husband, Casidy, little boy, Maverick and another baby on the way!

I graduated with a Masters degree in Psychology in 2017 and have known for a long time that my career path was going to involve helping others in some nature. I landed myself working with the elderly population, previously as a social worker in local nursing homes and now a senior living advisor. I am a passionate, hard-worker and strive to achieve many goals outside of being a mother. Working motherhood isn’t always easy but it’s worth it in my eyes.

If I am not working, I am hanging with my fam. Staying active is a big part of my husband and I’s life so you can usually find us doing something as such.

I appreciate you stopping by and hope you find this blog welcoming enough to add it to your weekly reading list ❤️