an open letter to the “wait until-ers”

Dear opinionated stranger/friend/relative,

If I could overcome my fear of confrontation I would probably tell you I’m not interested in your “expert knowledge” the moment you decide to share it with me, but until then I hope this letter finds you well.

If you’re wondering if this letter is directed to you, I’ll make it easy for you. If you have ever started a statement to a pregnant woman, or a new mom with “wait until” and followed it with some assortment of negative verbiage or if you have ever felt compelled to give your unasked for advice, then maybe you should continue reading this. Continue reading “an open letter to the “wait until-ers””

refill your tires

Last week my tire pressure light came on in my car, and as usual, I left it on for the whole week (sorry dad). For some reason this is one light that I seem to think I can ignore for longer than the others. Gas light? Fill up immediately. Check engine light? Better have that checked out this weekend. Maybe I think this way because when my gas light is on I know I can only go a little bit further before I literally run out of fuel and am no longer able to run my car. But with tires I’ve gone a heck of a lot longer and have never actually had a tire fully run out of air.  Continue reading “refill your tires”