refill your tires

Last week my tire pressure light came on in my car, and as usual, I left it on for the whole week (sorry dad). For some reason this is one light that I seem to think I can ignore for longer than the others. Gas light? Fill up immediately. Check engine light? Better have that checked out this weekend. Maybe I think this way because when my gas light is on I know I can only go a little bit further before I literally run out of fuel and am no longer able to run my car. But with tires I’ve gone a heck of a lot longer and have never actually had a tire fully run out of air.  Continue reading “refill your tires”

little pumpkin on the way

We found out we were pregnant pretty early on, at a little over 3 weeks to be exact. I texted 3 of my closest friends immediately with a picture of the stick, a stick with an extremely faint line, as I probably had like the least possible amount of HCG in my system that could allow it to even show a positive. I made an appointment for two days later, and got the “official” confirmation. Continue reading “little pumpkin on the way”