tidy small spaces

Living in a small house can pose some challenges, keeping the small space tidy and organized is one of them. My husband and I are blessed to live in a quiet little beach town, but unfortunately the town pretty much only offers smaller houses.

The last house we rented was 960 sq ft, and the one we recently bought is just over 1100. Small spaces obviously leave you little room for all your stuff, which make things look disorganized quickly. All my husband and I really know are small houses, so it’s safe to say I have had to come up with some systems to keep our small house looking uncluttered. Continue reading “tidy small spaces”

refill your tires

Last week my tire pressure light came on in my car, and as usual, I left it on for the whole week (sorry dad). For some reason this is one light that I seem to think I can ignore for longer than the others. Gas light? Fill up immediately. Check engine light? Better have that checked out this weekend. Maybe I think this way because when my gas light is on I know I can only go a little bit further before I literally run out of fuel and am no longer able to run my car. But with tires I’ve gone a heck of a lot longer and have never actually had a tire fully run out of air.  Continue reading “refill your tires”