getting along with everyone

Imagine a perfect world where you genuinely like every single person you encounter. How nice would that be? Unfortunately we all know that’s not exactly possible.

There are always going to be people that you don’t necessarily enjoy being around, people who you have literally nothing in common with, people who are “different” than you.

But imagine how simple life could be if we could all at least just get along. I mean after all, we all have to co-exist on this planet, whether we want to or not. I want to share with you some new concepts I have been implementing in my life, and I feel can help us get along with people that are different than us.  Continue reading “getting along with everyone”

negative emotions

Ahhh, negative emotions, your favorite, right? Probably not.

We live in a society that so badly wants everyone to be positive all the time, so much so that we sometimes actually feel embarrassed when we’re not feeling positively. We try and hide it, only showing the world the “best” parts of ourselves. It’s as if negative emotions have become some sign of weakness.

I recently learned a new perspective on the importance of negative emotions and I think that experiencing them is not a weakness, but important for mental health, self-awareness, and life overall. Continue reading “negative emotions”